30 June 2010


We're here! Gigi had her surgery early this a.m. and all is well. She's on drugs and in a bit of pain, but otherwise very happy to be over the hurdle of her second hip replacement.

CA and I drove down late yesterday afternoon after we wrote a $226 to the a/c repair guy. He was nice, and it REALLY does make sense to sign up for the monthly maintenance plan. For $16/month (added to our NIGAS bill) we get a/c, furnace, and water heater cleaning and service for no additional charges. Peace of mind for $16/month.

Actually I use the terms "CA and I drove down late yesterday" loosely. CA did all the driving. I napped, read, and listened to Frances Mayes CDs of Everyday in Tuscany. We've been considering a trip to Tuscany for late Fall, but we finally decide to pursue our original plans for the South of France and maybe Paris and to save Italy for next year after we've had time to research and anticipate.

We had Gigi's last meal at Chanticleer, the local steak/fish place. It's a family tradition. We eat there almost every time we visit. It's expected. Great onion strings and everything else is more comfort food than gourmet.

I negotiate a late wake-up for this morning. CA and Gigi leave the house at 5:00am for a 5:45am check in at the hospital. It makes sense. CA needs his own vehicle at the hospital as he will drive home this afternoon for soccer camp. I have Gigi's car and will be the designated hospital aide until he returns on Friday.

About 4:00pm I leave the hospital, exhausted, heading home or to yoga??? I've planned on yoga in Peoria, but I'm dragging. Before I reach the point-of-no-return, I decide for yoga. I make a quick side trip to Aunt Margie's to check up on our project. She's done! Done! Who knew! Sounds like she was afraid to make GJ mad if she didn't get ALL her letters done. GJ is so, so kind. Somehow Aunt Margie got the message that finishing our project was an edict! She's done. All mailed yesterday.

Such a deal at Namaste Wellness Studio--$5 for your first session. We do Vinyasa--kind of a low-level power yoga. I'm challenged, but not humiliated. Glad I made the effort. I plan on another class on Friday and maybe one on Saturday...

After debating several dinner options I return to Eureka and opt for the frozen Schwan's spinach/mushroom pizza and it's not bad. A quiet evening alone. Alone with junk t.v. No complaints.

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