04 June 2010


Carey Mulligan

We've had An Education from Netflix for about three weeks, even took it along on vacation but never watched it. Our loss. It's a great movie. Nick Hornby's screenplay of a memoir by Lynn Barber. This actually happened to a 16 year old girl. Beautifully executed--London and Paris. Should have been more disturbing than it was--probably because all the sin was wrapped so prettily. That happens. You get seduced and eventually compromised... Whatever, I loved the movie and plan to read the book.

The only Yoga class on Fridays at HB Huntley is at 6:00am, I was up before the birdies this morning. The only way I could make sure that I'd go was to reschedule my Friday walk with BR from 9:00am to 7:00am. It worked well for both of us, so we'll keep the earlier time.

Friday's Yoga is with Jayson, and he is very, very good. He subbed last night for Denise (also quite a good teacher) and I was convinced to tune into Friday classes. 6:00am!

I stopped at WalMart for a few things on the way home, and then Jewel for more of the Fage Greek yogurt. CA had coffee ready for me, but I still needed a nap by 10:30am.

This evening we replanted the deck planters, potted the hanging strawberry plants, and planted the Angelonia and basil in a new deck railing-mounted window box. We also moved around some Hosta, planted a few more Geraniums, and positioned the rustic birdhouses that have been languishing in the basement for 8+ years. A good time was had by all--especially the voracious mosquitoes. We sprayed and it helped a bit, until I got hives from the spray, I think.

CA grilled the two New York strip steaks that I salted yesterday afternoon and left to rest in the frig. I made haricot verts from Trader Joe's and some Country Crock mashed potatoes. The steak WAS very moist and perfectly grilled (CA is good at that!), and my contribution was quite tasty, too.

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