24 July 2014



Mr. Coffee


This recent addition to our kitchen is making me very, very happy. Forever, we'd had a 12-cup coffee pot dedicated solely to brewing tea for iced tea. After our 20+-year old Mr. Coffee bit the dust, we decided to try the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker, even though I've never liked the flavor of hot tea poured over ice.

Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker


After months of dissatisfaction, we reached two conclusions: 1) Our long-time source for teabags has been corrupted. Their tea is no longer of an acceptable quality/flavor. 2) A dedicated 12-cup Mr. Coffee coffeemaker is far superior to the iced tea maker.


I found the teal beauty at Tuesday Morning, and I'm in love. But, this love affair is a 3-way.

Marielle+Mr. Coffee+Twinings


We've switched to Twinings English Breakfast Tea--tea leaves and teabags. Soulmates.




21 July 2014

Minding the Gap

There is an awkward gap between the mirrors I recently hung in our master bedroom.

Thinking, the right chandelier or sconce would eliminate the gap and add some interest.

All the above choices are from the same source as our greatroom sconces over the fireplace.

20 July 2014

The Vanishing Umbrellas

Up, up, and away...

I owned this umbrella for a very short time. It recently went the way of all my umbrellas--disappeared into grandchildren-land. Almost in front of my very eyes.



When we were in Indianapolis LE spotted my most recently acquired umbrella, purchased to replace the pink flowered one that disappeared off the front porch in Taylor Mill during my visit in March--a brief moment of inattention. I immediately stated, "No one is to touch my new umbrella for any reason at all."


LE later quietly asked CA, "Grandpa, are you allowed to touch grandma's umbrella?"


19 July 2014

Composed Salad

My version...

Original version...

The small tool on the left is a pear corer, but works beautifully to clean the seeds from a halved cucumber. I salted the cucumbers to drain them, but wouldn't again. Just blot well with paper towels after cubing. Also, blot tomato pieces. Squeezed some lime juice over the cubed avocado.

Dinner Tuesday, Breakfast Saturday

You can't beat a quiche for versatility (Except for pizza. Or, pasta. Omelets...) Leftovers would not normally reside this long in our frig, but we had our roadtrip in between.
Our basic quiche recipe is adapted from a Hellman's advertisement in the 1970s. Over the years it's gone many directions as far as variety of fillings. This one is Swiss and Gruyere cheese, turkey, bacon, and green onion.
Tuesday night's salad--Romaine, almonds, dried cranberries, grapes, carrots, with creamy poppyseed dressing--made for a tasty sweet/savoury juxtaposition. And this morning, avocado added a touch of creamy goodness.

18 July 2014

A Very Brief Getaway

A last-minute trip to meet the Fun Kids at an Indianapolis Embassy Suites. 2 hours for them; 4+ hours for us. Worth it!

Late night for the Fun Kids. They waited up for us.

LC, not feeling so well.

It's rare to get even one photo of JE. Lovely.


LC had the beginning of a cold.



CA feeling much better. Just what the doctor (should have) ordered.


LC trying his best to be a Fun Kid. It's tough when Batman gets a summer cold.


Happy Birthday, Levi Christopher. 3 years old on Sunday, 7/20.


09 July 2014

A Cautionary Tale

If this is Wednesday, why am I duck taping my dryer hose?

Melting ice dams.


We had ice blocks in our gutters in February. We had melting ice dripping down three walls in our house in March. We had an insurance inspector and a contractor here in early May. Then CA had his knee replaced, his heart issues and successful repair. The painter came late June. This past Monday, we finally got around to having carpets cleaned in our master bedroom and walk-in closet, and study-diningroom.

That's when it all went temporarily south and I ended up in the laundry room, behind the dryer late on a Wednesday night, duck-taping the dryer hose. And, muttering a language I seldom use. Not nice words.

It's the snow ball effect. Everything came out of the walk-in closet in preparation for the carpet cleaners--Ha! I wish it "came." I actually schlepped everything out (by myself) and deposited it in kinda neat heaps in our great room. Heaps with aisles, because CA is limping around, rehabbing his knee; using a walker until yesterday when he graduated beautifully to a cane.

I digress...

Most everything "was also removed" from the master bedroom and study-diningroom. Of course, one cannot just put "everything" back where it was. One must re-position, recycle, discard, and re-shuffle each and every item and piece of clothing. No problem filling this week's box for the charity shop. And, there's still the shoes to sort, so next week's box will have a good start.

Further, if at all possible, one must make strawberry and raspberry jam in the middle of these efforts. Fresh fruit waits for no one. Then, it's important to make a fresh raspberry tart at midnight just before finally getting the clutter contained. And, by all means finish up the evening by utilizing the remaining pâte brisée to form some cinnamon roll for tomorrow's (today, already) breakfast.

Martha Stewart's Pâte Brisée

My before...

My after version of Joy of Baking's recipe

From joyofbaking.com

Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls.



Oh, back to the dryer. I'd noticed the laundry room seemed particularly humid lately. With all the sorting and moving things about, I decided the laundry sorter needed to reside in the laundry room instead of in our closet. That, of course necessitated a good scrub-down of the laundry room floor. And, why not poke into that nasty corner between the side of the dryer and the wall. A space just wide enough for my handy-dandy step ladder and a tall bin that holds yardsticks, fly swatters, a duster or two (or 6)...

Ah-ha! Not only do I uncover a city of mouse-sized dust bunnies, but also a shredded dryer hose. Duck tape! Duck tape! Duck tape! I finally need to use duck tape. The dryer is back in commission, the floor is clean, and one more room has fallen victim to the painter and carpet cleaner saga.

Laundry Room floor.


Tomorrow, God willing and the creek don't rise, 3 boxes go to Goodwill, I reassemble our bedskirt, and finally get the great room looking "great" again.

The Georgia peaches become available on Saturday, but I've promised CA that we'll skip this delivery and get a bushel at the August 2nd delivery. I will, however, make another batch or two of raspberry jam this weekend.



04 July 2014

Art and Wisdom According to Mary Engelbreit

Long-time fan. Just a few favorites. And, timely reminders that life is sweet and meant to be savored.