28 February 2011


Still loving the cherries. Got these at Meijer's after my WW meeting. They're almost as big as walnuts and very juicy.

Also treated myself to some tulips. So encouraging...

This is  just for fun. We saw these darling tin carnival rides in a gift shop at the Marriott on Kalapaki Beach in Kaua'i a couple of years ago. Last winter Tuesday Morning had this one on clearance for $7. Who could resist! Our grandchildren love, love, love this--whether via Skype or hands-on.


CA was clever and filled my Christmas stocking with milk chocolate bars--Perugia, Giradelli, Dove, Hershey's, Lindt, Cadbury...

You see, just a few weeks before Christmas I confessed that I had converted from perferring dark chocolate to loving milk chocolate. CA was doubtful, so he created this test.

Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate won my test, hands down! I would have had to re-buy all the chocolate bars to get a photo of the complete array, but since I'm a good Weight Watcher I'm only picturing the winner.

This chocolate is the creamiest, mellowest, flavor-filled, yummo best.

27 February 2011



I want these. Aren't they just about the cleverest things you've ever seen?

All from Mueller Moebel, but don't seem to be available in the U.S.

Close, but not quite...

These are the closest I've found in the U.S., but they've been discontinued.

They have these, but they're maybe a bit (?) too basic.

More great kids furniture. And, here.

26 February 2011


Maybe from Martha Stewart site?...

Clever desk space. An area that might have been merely decorative. Love it.

25 February 2011


(photos to be scanned)

One day before LE's birth

As reported, LE is very verbal, as was JA at about the same age (23 months). Tonight I was digging through our pre-digital photo storage for a project I am working on for our kitchen (more on that later) and I found amongst the pictures this small list:

JE  3/81 (she was 2 years 2 mos.)
words she uses on her own:
not quite
my tummy hurts
in a minute
five minutes
four o'clock

she sings:
"Bible tells me so... He is strong"
"Into my heart, into my heart Lord Jesus..."

24 February 2011


Chicken Tinga Torta: Gunthorp chicken, black beans, chipotle-roasted
tomato sauce, pickled onions, avocado, queso anejo, arugula. $9.00

CA starts soccer and a teaching assignment tomorrow, so we decide a quick run into Chicago for lunch at Rick Bayless's Xoco was timely. We've just watched a re-run of Andrew Zimmer's Chicago show where he hangs out with Rick, so authentic Mexican cuisine is way-on our minds.
After mentioning our plan yesterday at the WW meeting, my friend LL decides to go along for lunch and further adventures.

The three of us show up early at HB to work out and then a quick visit to LL's house to admire all the lovely changes they've made. And, we get to meet their newest baby--Winston--a cream-colored standard poodle. So, so cute!

Traffic's light and since we know the ever-busy Xoco switches over to the lunch menu at 11:00am we aim to arrive before 11:30, and do so.  Parking in Chicago is mostly a challenge, so you might as well just plan on spending $14 - 21. Our lot is very convenient between Illinois and Hubbard on Clark.

The deal at Xoco is you stop at the Hostess station and then are handed a menu and directed to the counter to place your food and drink order. This is Mexico's street food so most people are here for takeout. There's limited seating and the noise level is energizing. We get a community table that seats 6 and are able to share Chicago restaurant information and experiences with our seat mates while still enjoying the dining experience as a group of 3.

The food is excellent! LL and I share the Chicken Tinga Torta (see above photo) and a XOCO Salad--pork carnitas or smoky chicken, marinated black beans, arugula, romaine, crispy tortilla threads, avocado-lime dressing. $8.50; while CA has a Pibil Torta--wood-roasted suckling pig with achiote, black beans, pickled onion, habanero salsa $12.00

After lunch we wander the streets a bit, picking up a menus at the very new Paris Club and at Naha. We're ready to dine at both spots ASAP.

We return to the car and CA drives us to Ricci's for some fresh roasted nuts. I get walnut pieces for baking, cashews and mixed nuts for entertaining, and chocolate-covered nuts for CA. YUM!

Our next stop is 1730 Outlet Company where seasonal Tag products are sold at a discount. Additionally, they sell furniture and silk flowers; tabletop dinnerware and linens. A fun stop. LL buys some sparkly Christmas pillar candles, and I make note of the dimensions of the low-slung bookshelves that might be perfect in JE's living room.

A really fun day and reminiscent of many, many adventures that LL and I have enjoyed in Chicago for many, many years. We've gone to the Apparel Center, Ricci's, Royal Industries, D'Amato's, Anna , Ida & Me, Swedish Bakery, Lutz's, Garrett's, CB Outlet, Bari Foods...

23 February 2011


Hello! Kohl's has the most outrageous deals right now in children's clothing, etc. I've been there four times and will go back tomorrow. Stuff is 60 - 80% off and then you can scratch-off a coupon for an additional 15% or 20% or 30%. I finally got a 20% today. Some shoppers on Sunday told me that they've actually been able to use another person's--in line before them--30% off coupon. A random act of kindness. One lady offered to let me follow her to the check-out, but that didn't actually happen.

There was a guaranteed 20% off through President's Day on Monday and you could make a try at potentially getting 30%, and they were giving Kohl's dollars--$10 for every $50 pre-tax you spent. Today I went back to apply the $20 I accumulated to some Spring surprises for two of the little girls in Central Europe. What retailed at $46, cost me $25, less 20%, less $20 Kohl's dollars, for a grand total of $6.53. That is for two lovely items (Sh-h-h-, it's a secret until May 17th when LG turns 6 years old!) for two little girls for a total of $6.53.

Go to Kohl's. Be prepared with your sizes--for next Fall and Winter's clothing--and enjoy the savings. They aren't giving out Kohl's dollars anymore, but the deals still rock.


JA has always been a very verbal toddler--amazing and entertaining with his view on life and opinions.

Recent entries:

JA: Lucy, you're supposed to say, "You're welcome."
LE: You're welcome.
You're welcome.
You're welcome.
JA: Lucy, we're both only supposed to say one thing.

He's taken to copying his mommy's words and telling LE to take her two fingers out of her mouth--even though JE reminds him that isn't his role. A couple of mornings ago he walked into LE's room with JE to get her out of her crib.

JA: Lucy! Good job. You didn't have your fingers in your mouth.

Then, there was the breakfast conversation re: constipation.

LE: Mommy! Poopy!
JA: Lucy, do you have to go poopy?
LE: *nods*
JA: Lucy, does it sometimes hurt when you go poopy?
LE: *nods*
JA: *looks on with great sympathy and understanding*

And, LE's no slouch with her conversational skills. JE was suggesting friends to invite for her upcoming birthday.

JE: Lucy, shall we invite Adelaide?
LE: How about Sam?
JE: Shall we invite Delaney?
LE: How about Aryton?
*She seemed to favor inviting only boys--Jonah's friends.*

JE: Nana and Papa are coming tomorrow.
LE: Treats... Juice box...

JE: Nana and Papa are coming tomorrow.
LE: Nana feeling better? (all this conceern and she's only 23 months!)

And, here's a new one from the effervescent 5-1/2 year old Emerson Sophia...
SG: Mommy, I have Bieber fever.

22 February 2011


Our Small Group is starting a new study on the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. I've just started reading it and it's going to be a very, very good but challenging book. I'm one of those who will lead the discussion--just really preparing a few questions to ask as our Group easily carries on discussion for an hour or more.

The testimonial video by Pete and Geri Scazzero is spellbinding.

[From the EHS website]

Our mission is to apply emotional health to biblical spirituality in order to transform leaders, relationships, churches and organizations.
Our objectives are to:
  • Pioneer and research the integration of emotional health and contemplative spirituality to discipleship and spiritual formation.  
  • Improve the quality of leaders, relationships, churches and organizations through books, seminars, personal interaction, and other media.  
  • Transform the quality of marriages, especially those of leaders, through written material, experiential conferences and seminars  
  • Integrate the application of emotionally healthy spirituality to the overcoming of racial, cultural, economic and gender barriers in churches and organizations.  

21 February 2011


Isn't this one of the most strikingly beautiful book covers ever?!

Another way-cool thing I'm experiencing in the blogger world...

On my First Paragraphs blog I do mini-reviews of my recent and favorite reads. When reviewing The Gendarme I wanted a copy of the full-cover wrap and all I could find on the Internet was the still very striking, but incomplete front cover.

I sent an email to the author Mark T. Mustian, and three days later I get a gracious reply and the .jpg.

From: lemonade_marielle@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2011 8:34 PM
To: mark@markmustian.com
Subject: The Gendarme

First, a brilliantly written story. Congratulations.

I was searching the Internet for an image of the full cover photo from the hardcover book, but didn't find it. My only interest is to post it on my First Paragraphs blog. I write this blog almost entirely for myself and don't have many followers, and don't expect to.


Is there a photo available with the full face cover?


* * *
From: "Mark Mustian" mmustian@ngn-tally.com

To: "marielle" lemonade_marielle@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 7:30:46 AM
Subject: RE: The Gendarme

Marielle: See attached. If you feel so inclined, please consider posting a review on amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com as well.

Thanks so much for your review.



20 February 2011


My dear friend is a relentless gift giver and a wonderful gift wrapper. Between traveling, bad weather, illness, etc. we've not been together for almost a month. We met today for a late lunch at Bone Fish Grill. A very yummy meal and great ambiance for lingering through a Sunday lunch. I enjoyed the special Huge Wild Shrimp Pad Thai (substituting grilled chicken), and RvH loved her grilled fish (Tilapia) burger.  And, may I say my Bloody Mary was spectacular! We plan to meet there again soon.

The lovely gifts included a pink and black journal to remind me of Paris, and a very thoughtful gift of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Thank you RvH!

And, since RvH is cleaning out her storage room, I got a stack of books, a bunch of current magazines, and these treasures--a lovely Haviland Limoges cream pitcher and precious painted glass plate.

Such a friend!!