30 May 2016

Getting Into the Groove

Our "Welcome to Fort Collins" bouquet from DM, MK, and our Colorado Fun Kids. 

We arrived in time for LG's 11th birthday, May 17. 

Visited LG's classroom for each student's presentations on an individual state. LG's is Virginia--her daddy's birth state. 

Our experience with DIRECTV got off to a shakey start. All good now. 

My reward for a miserable few days dealing with wifi, DIRECTV, moving details, etc. 

We were here for NJ's Spring Poetry Recital, and her Kindergarten final recap. Precious. 

Visiting family kicked me into cooking again (finally). We did a full-out Mexican-Southwest meal. Plenty of leftovers for both DM's family and CA and me. 

Had the girls for our first sleepover in our flat, and found this cutie on our walk to Cozzoli's for pizza. 

Saturday morning, we all walked to the farmers market. 

I baked some fully-loaded Raisin Bran muffins. 

Helped our DIL as she assisted in an friend's wedding prep. Then, she was honored to be a bridesmaid in the combination Vietnamese-Indonesian-American wedding. 

We've been visiting DM's family's church--Mountainview Community. 

Our farmers market radishes-Demi baguette-butter-salt for Sunday's lunch. 

Preparing my mother's potato salad recipe for our Memorial Day cookout. 

Snapshot of Our New Adventure

We're dipping our toes in the waters of relocation. We still love our home in Illinois, and will be spending the majority of our time there, but our children and grandchildren live 8 and 16 hours away. We want to be more involved in the lives of our family. They definitely want that, also. So we're taking a small step and leasing a 2-bedroom flat in the heart of Fort Collins. Restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques--a vibrant pedestrian lifestyle is at the doorstep. 

Old Town Flats, Fort Collins, Colorado. 

I took photos of every box I packed. (8) 

This is our current king-sized. platform bed base. We'll get something more permanent after we see how this year goes. (Not our view. From the www.)

We're loving our small table and chairs. The third chair was back ordered, but is now in-place.  

While, it's definitely a table for 3, we will occasionally need seating for 4. We ordered this side chair for a small corner of our living space and it can be utilized as a dining chair when necessary. 

Loving that we now have a use for our Languoile flatware. Discovered that it is dishwasher safe! 

Our small terrace faces east. It's about twice the size it looks here. The bistro table will fit in the SUV on our next drive here.  

This is our t.v.-media cabinet. Also, IKEA. We've used the 4 drawers in the center to conceal the myriad cords always lurking around electronics. Strongly considered the wheels option, but once I decided on a large area rug the wheels lost their allure. 

Originally thought I'd find a vintage rug for the open living area, but since we opted for Mid-Century decor I needed a more modern look to tie the glossy red into a rather grey/white space. Found this on overstock.com. It's arriving early next week. Fingers crossed!

After a week of schlepping bags and boxes, groceries and household goods--from the car to the elevator, down the hall, fishing for keys--picked up this foldable wagon. It fits compactly in the back of our small SUV and makes me happy. Better for our flakey backs. 

I'm kind of loving this clock from Wayfair.com. 

Also, maybe this coffee table: in front of long couch, or in the corner between couches. 

Some exterior pics taken this week.