29 December 2015

Fort Collins Dining



The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm



We're continuing to sample the restaurants in Fort Collins with each return visit. The list of options is long and varied.

Silver Grill is our perennial favorite for breakfast. This visit to Fort Collins we also stopped there for lunch. Austin's is another oft repeated option--our favorite Cole Slaw recipe knock-off originated here. We loved the Pad Thai and Red Curry from Sri Thai on Christmas night, and the Mexican food at La Buena Vida on the 27th was superb. This was our first visit for brunch at The Farmhouse, and we'll definitely go back.

Cole Slaw

Green cabbage (some red, too), shredded

Carrots, shredded

Braeburn Apple (unpeeled), chopped

Dried cranberries

White raisins

Marzetti's Cole Slaw Dressing

Pine nuts, toasted


19 December 2015

Holiday Spirit

I've gone Christmas decor "lite" this year. Aiming for some Christmas spirit while keeping the details few. We're not entertaining here at all, though we did Thanksgiving.

Keeping Christmas simple was also imperative as the master bathroom remodel begins, finally, on the 26th. Had to change-out our tile selection after almost 9 months of waiting. The color is more pedestrian, but probably better for eventual resale.

Very excited to see and enjoy the final result. I've gotten some new towels, and am keeping some I've had for 2+ years. Love these from Target. Expensive and they are wearing well. Very absorbent, and I love the ribbing.


07 December 2015



Today this "new" illustration from Mary Engelbreit made me (and the friends I sent it to) very happy. I follow ME on Instagram. She's remained true to herself from the beginning. I remember meeting her one time at a book signing. Me and 100 gay guys. I'd just never registered, prior to that night, that so many gays also appreciated her art. Should have! Hope I've not been politically in-correct!


06 December 2015

Ralph Lauren Christmas

We have this RL glassware pattern in Old Fashions and Double Old Fashions. Love them! Not loving the wine glasses. Still, lovely table settings.


03 December 2015


An Instagram find. I love to bake cookies, and love that someone did this research. Invaluable!