18 August 2012


DM and MK's family arrived for a long summer visit on July 1st, and the weeks were crowded with little girls and activities.

Some of the activities were reminiscent of my own childhood rolling down the hill, ring-around-the-rosie, catching lightening bugs, and roasting marshmallows for Somemores.

And, other activities involved bikes, roller blading, and soccer camps.



(It was absolutely blazing hot the week of soccer camps, and
somehow we didn't get photos of LG's morning session.)
I had lots of help in the kitchen and the garden.

Toward the end of their visit, we spent some time along the shores of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, enjoying a birthday brunch (for me) at one of our favorites--Simple.

And then, our time together came to an end. They packed up a truck and headed for their new home in Ft. Collins, CO. While we were all sad, it's a sure thing that the adventures for this family continue...

Our good friend Bob, bravely and generously volunteered to drive the moving truck! And, that's a great friend!