14 October 2014


Our roadtrip to Dad's birthplace last weekend led me to trace his geneology, which goes back to 1716 Maryland.
This guy was actually Henry Falls Jacobs. Cool name. Believe his actual birth year was 1838.


There's not a lot happening in Bowen, IL these days, but Dad had a great day and we trekked to both cemeteries where ancestors are buried--Ebenezer and Bowen, both in Adams County, IL.

As children, this was the waited for landmark. When it came into view, we were there! We competed to see who spotted it first.
They may have Downton, but we have Bowen Abbey. Unfortunately this is a mausoleum.
Our grandparents had the small retirement job of cleaning this bank. Now there's a brand-spanking-new bank just on the west edge of town.



Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Chapel and Cemetery, south section has the graves of my great, great grandfather's family.


03 October 2014

Harvest Salad




Williams Sonoma's emails have become a bright spot in my days. If something catches my eye, I either take a screen shot to remember it or bookmark it in my recipes folder. If I want to actually make it soon, I go for the screen shot.



01 October 2014

My Little Paris, and My Little Kids


I am, daily, amused and delighted by the sweetness of the illustrations from these blogs. My Little Paris and My Little Kids.



28 September 2014

Red Pears

These proved irresistible today.

When my red pears ripen, I'll make this
Williams Sonoma Taste recipe.



I love my Williams Sonoma Taste email subcription. Especially because they recap every weekend and give me a second chance to spot a great recipe


27 September 2014

Outlander,The Starz Series


CA and I have absolutely enjoyed the first half (8 episodes) of this series. Looking forward to April 4, 2015 for the second half of season one.


Having loved Scotland when we visited in 2007, I've decided to embrace my (fantasy) origins. (Although, CA can rightfully claim to be of Scottish ancestry.) We were graciously hosted by Bill of the Crawford Clan, and given a topnotch tour of Glasgow, Sterling, The Trassochs, Loch Lomond, Luss, St. Andrew's, and more. We also spent a full day in Edinburgh.

I want Dougal's Tam O'Shanter [TOS]. Actually, I'd like CA to wear one but that absolutely won't happen. I'll wear it myself.