31 August 2009


Disappointed all summer by the quality of books I have been reading, I have determined to upgrade my selections. So... I am on my way to the library to check out the first of the 100 Best Novels as selected by Random House's Modern Library. I'm not limiting myself to chronological order--which is impossible because I will be choosing from three separate lists from the Modern Library site.

I am expecting a renewed passion for reading...

25 August 2009


Just as I have come to accept my "retirement," a job developed. I am working for just a bit over a week as an Executive Assistant in the financial district, at a very convenient location. Glad to be back in the saddle again! This is my comfort zone--working weekdays and vegging on the weekends! The work is not too stimulating, so I have time to work on the e-version of my cookbook.

This summer has been filled with extended family activities, so CA and I were more than happy to spend my birthday weekend at home. This was a big number birthday, and I was unusually preoccupied with the approaching day.

We had a lovely steak dinner on Sunday night, but no presents! I am thinking about a new digital camera, but not yet ready to make the purchase. Maybe before the little girls get here in early October, and before our trip to Kaua'i on October 18th.

Still reading lots of fiction, but nothing worth mentioning--go figure!

Can't decide if I want to work more this Fall, or not. Maybe just until the little girls arrive, and maybe a short stint here or there during their 4-month visit. I hate to think of missing out on any time I can spend with them.

JA and LE will be in Chicago Labor Day weekend, so we will have fun visiting new parks and seeing new tricks.

23 August 2009


This one has a big-big number and I haven't been looking forward to this particular birthday. My dear friend Ruth always cushions the blow of another passing year with beautifully wrapped and generous gifts.

17 August 2009


Our family gathered this past weekend from Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Arizona--four generations of Jacobs. Some traveled on Friday to a small town in southwest central Illinois to wander through the streets and family cemeteries reminiscing and reliving. These small towns are barely breathing. Bowen

10 August 2009


Meryl Streep as Julia Child
Julie and Julia, August 2009

I have been looking forward to this movie since I read the books, and especially since I learned that Meryl Streep would appear as Julia Child. I knew that Meryl would somehow become Julia, and she did not disappoint. How does she do it? I sometimes forgot that it was Meryl--she just was Julia. I loved that about the movie. And, Stanley Tucci was Paul. How fun to see love, lust, and romance in that unlikely pairing.

06 August 2009


Nina and Pinta
August 6th - South Haven, Michigan

CA and I are on a quick trip--short vacation--to southern Michigan. Our chair and ottoman have been upholstered in Battle Creek, so we are on a visit to JL. It is refreshing to go to bed and wake up early with the light reflecting off this lovely lake. It is a perfect day--sunny, warm, and breezy.

03 August 2009


The agency I said I would never work for called today waving a very lovely carrot--a good job in a good location, with a very lovely salary.