08 May 2012

Fun Kids Road Trip Adventure

From somewhere--no one is quite sure where--JA became obsessed with the idea of "bobbing for apples."

Last week JE's family moved out of their home in Omaha and headed toward their new home in Cincinnati, stopping to spend almost a week with us as they waited for the moving van to deliver their household goods. We weren't sure how many days we'd have together, but it turned into six. Six days of smiles and giggles, hugs and kisses. Lots and lots, and not nearly enough. Six days of flirtatious LC, precocious LE, and rambunctious JA.

When the apple bobbing began, it quickly became clear that there was more to it than JA had imagined. After all it is called bobbing.

What's a grandma to do? When kiddos clearly need a demonstration, a grandma's just got to do what she's got to do!

My hands-on (head-down) demonstration clearly excited JA and terrified LE, resulting in JA literally diving right in. LE decided that she had no need of any apples this afternoon.

JA bobbed for an bit into all the rest of the apples--greatly amused by his own skill and audacity.

The family is driving the final leg of their road trip today. LC's not feeling so good, and they all have a whole bunch of adjusting ahead. But, there's a bunch of enthusiasm in this young family and we're all praying for safe travel and marvelous adventures ahead.