13 September 2016

Santa Fe, Part 2

We enjoyed the galleries after dark; window gazing.


Breakfast our second morning was at the Plaza Cafe, another perennial favorite--right on the Plaza, catty-corner from the Palace of the Govenors.

Huevos Divorciados. 2 eggs prepared to order on corn tortillas with Chipotle and Tomatillos Salsa. Served with Guacamole, sour Cream, Beans, Hash Browns, and a flour tortilla. The coffee is good, too. Oh, and we were entertained, loudly, by charming mariachis.
More walking about...


Unwittingly, we were in town for the Fiesta of La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Aśis. The 340th year of the Fiesta.


We walked past this Santuario de Guadalupe a few times every day--between our hotel (Guadalupe Inn) on Agua Fria.


Along and around Agua Fria. 

We ate breakfast here our third morning. Our first visit, but not our last. 

Saturday market at the railroad yards. We bought our ristras here.

We bought our fire roasted chiles from him.

Beautiful tiles everywhere. 

We had a wonderful time in Santa Fe. My 7th visit. Looking forward to our next visit. 

Oh, and this might have happened...




12 September 2016

Santa Fe, Part 1

We've never been to Santa Fe during chile roasting season, so CA made travel arrangements to spend 3 nights there, in conjunction with our wedding anniversary.
This is the Guadeloupe Inn on Agua Fria, near the old railroad yards and Tomasita's Restaurant--a perennial favorite.

Soon after we arrived, we walked a very short distance to Tomasita's. As always, the food, drinks, and sopapillas do not disappoint. A great start. We get a bit more gourmet as the days go on.
Breakfast our first morning is at Cafe Pascal, on the corner of Gallisteo and Water Streets. Breakfast here, and any meal, is a treat. And, for the first time since my first visit @1995, we are seated at the community table. My sister JA and I absolutely enjoyed our dinner that first trip/first night in Santa Fe. We exchanged travel stories and restaurant recommendations with our delightful dinner companions that long-ago night. CA and I have an equally great experience at breakfast, and the food is excellent.
Just walking around near the Plaza...


Our lovely cheese monges in Fort Collins recommended this cheese shop, The Cheese Monger. A really beautiful experience. Such talent; selection.
Walking to Tomasita's the first night, we passed Raaga, an Indian restaurant. For our second dinner, we sought recommendations--the obvious choice was the highly recommended restaurant. Raaga. Paddy Rawal's Indian menu intrigued us, and our waiter helped these neophytes make selections. The wine, too was perfect--light and bright.
Spinach Chaat. I'm going to try to make this very soon.
Tandoori Chicken.
Dessert. Rasmalai (sweet farmer's cheese dumplings).
St. Francis Cathedral. The Magic Hour; Le Heure Bleu.
Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeehouse on Galisteo Street, near the Plaza.
Eduardo Teodoro Valdez. Giving us Santa Fe history and tips on the best way of roasting green chiles. (Spray water on chiles occasionally, while roasting.)
From Sprouts, Santa Fe. Señor Valdez recommended these tamales.

Just a random view over the rooftops; panoramic beauty. The Jemez Mountains, probably. These compromise the southernmost tip of the Rockies. Could instead be the Sangre de Cristo Range.


05 September 2016

New Recipes

This is not a totally new recipe. A co-worker from S-K days passed this one on from her culinary-trained daughter. Spinach and Strawberry Salad, with Poppy-Seed Dressing. 

Spinach-Strawberries-Toasted Almonds; I've added Avocado-Sweet Onion-Grilled Chicken. 

We loved the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes (with Blueberries) at The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm here in Fort Collins. Found a perfect recipe on the classycooking.com website. 

Photo via classy cooking.com

We did a take 2 today 🎬🎬, but with Toasted Almonds-Strawberries-Bananas. Absolutely divine. 

This next one is my creation. Mix one-jar of Dickenson's Lemon Curd with 7-oz 
container of Fage 2% Greek Yogurt. Layer with Graham Cracker Streusel (GC crust recipe; crumbled). Top with a dollop of Whipped Cream. 

Making this today. Probably will add a crumble of Feta Cheese to the White Balsamic Glaze. We'll use julienned Basil from our terrace herb garden, rather than Mint. Will be equally as good. Might even use Basil and Mint. 

Last Friday-Saturday we used a NYTFood recipe for bagels. 

Our results were quite good for the first attempt. Need to work on shapes. Have ordered a biscuit cutter through Anazon to help with that.