26 July 2009


We finally coordinated efforts and managed to video conference with the little girls in Central Europe. Such fun to see their beautiful smiling faces. KF now plays the harmonica! And, she skips about the house instead of merely walking--all this at only 18 months. She has cuddled right up to PaPa, making me a tad jealous as she wasn't ready to snuggle with me when I was there in May. Although, one time she did a quick hit-and-run cuddle--running off almost before I could respond.

24 July 2009


I've done a bit of porch sitting this week, mostly in the company of LE. This street is busy for a side street--people cut through one block from the 6-lane through street to avoid all the stoplights. And, cars are allowed to park on our side of the street, so we have to watch the squishy little guy very, very closely when he is out front. LE seems soothed by the traffic and background hum and chug of air conditioners cycling on and off. I recommend front porch baby holding to anyone anxious or stressed. There is nothing like it to give a sense of calm and serenity and purposefulness.

18 July 2009


So... A job possibility came up for next Monday--one that I was more or less ambivalent toward. The pay was below standard and the exec was known to be difficult, and it was probably 12 blocks from the train.

01 July 2009


Plenty of down time so far this week, and again reading a book a day.

What's attracting my attention today is the crab apple tree just outside the windows of our library (Where our t.v. resides! There are also books...).