24 July 2009


I've done a bit of porch sitting this week, mostly in the company of LE. This street is busy for a side street--people cut through one block from the 6-lane through street to avoid all the stoplights. And, cars are allowed to park on our side of the street, so we have to watch the squishy little guy very, very closely when he is out front. LE seems soothed by the traffic and background hum and chug of air conditioners cycling on and off. I recommend front porch baby holding to anyone anxious or stressed. There is nothing like it to give a sense of calm and serenity and purposefulness.

There has been a lot of light construction traffic--foot and vehicular--throughout the week, too, since the house next door and the one just across the street are being renovated. Both have been used by social services as group homes in the past, but the one across the street may be going on the market. MA says another neighbor (who has spit-polished and rehabbed his house and yard into fine shape) wants first dibs if the big white house next door to him is in fact for sale.

I'm driving back to the Chicago area tomorrow--8 hours mostly across Iowa. CA flies home from Europe on Monday afternoon, so I will have most of two days to settle in and get into a normal routine. No jobs on the horizon for next week, but I think something will come up soon.

JA had a big haircut today and did pretty well. He doesn't like change at all, but his mommy prepped him with details before the appointment and then provided lots of moral support and a DVD for the cutting time. He always appreciates a good mirror, so that helped, too. He wouldn't agree to wearing the cape, so his warm and sticky little body was covered with hair--itchy, clingy hair which he hated! Mommy popped him into the shower immediately and once bundled into the big fluffy towel he chilled out and resumed normal programming.

JA is fascinated by fire hydrants (I have to resist calling them fire plugs) and is in constant search for a "green" one. We walked for blocks earlier in the week and only found yellow ones with red hats. MA later told me that there is a green fire hydrant at the closest park, and we paid homage to it during our walk to the park. Unfortunately, it borders a very busy street (the six lane) and so we have to be very, very careful.

Speaking of watching my language, JE has mentioned that they are in the bad habit of always speaking in the third person to JA and she thinks it is time to reinforce better grammar as JA absorbs everything and can pull the most random words out of his memory. Even words that haven't been said for weeks and weeks. And, I have realized that I can no longer use words like stupid in any context at all. We don't usually swear in this family, so we are good-to-go on that account. But, some normal adult words need to be used with care around a toddler. I'm sure the list will lengthen.

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Jenni said...

It was great to have you here! You will be missed next week. =) Feel free to come back anytime for some porch sitting and LE snuggling!