18 July 2009


So... A job possibility came up for next Monday--one that I was more or less ambivalent toward. The pay was below standard and the exec was known to be difficult, and it was probably 12 blocks from the train.

I really don't mind and would like that kind of exercise, but my poor feet don't take to that much concrete abuse. After suffering from more than a year from plantar fasciitis in my right heel and some neuritis in my left toe tops, I have been enjoying being pain-free for months--or nearly pain-free.

I wouldn't have turned the job down, but nothing was firmed up--confounding even the kind agency manager. And, I was one of four candidates. That's what has happened this year--there are fewer job opportunities and more competition. Last year I would get a call from my agency and have the opportunity to accept/reject the position. Now, four resumes are offered to the client and then you wait...

CA is in Central Europe with the little girls and our son and daughter-in-law, and I am holding down the fort here. Why would I sit around waiting for a job when I can hop into the car and drive to Omaha and have a fun week with JA and LE? No good reason. I will put work on hold for another week (as if I am in control of that!) and travel. Eight hours in the car with satellite radio is worth it.

I will come home just before CA and have just enough time to spiff up the house and get some groceries. I am pretty sure I will be working soon and we will transition into our comfortable routines.

This week has given me chances to be with friends, and also some time for soul searching. Soul searching is good until it becomes morose... No chance of that with the antics of a two-year old and the sweet giggles of LE.

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