26 July 2009


We finally coordinated efforts and managed to video conference with the little girls in Central Europe. Such fun to see their beautiful smiling faces. KF now plays the harmonica! And, she skips about the house instead of merely walking--all this at only 18 months. She has cuddled right up to PaPa, making me a tad jealous as she wasn't ready to snuggle with me when I was there in May. Although, one time she did a quick hit-and-run cuddle--running off almost before I could respond.

LG decided it would be fun to hold stuff up to the camera to show me. There was a beautiful heart-shaped note that she colored for PaPa and me, her photo album, a book... Then, she asked me to show her stuff. I held up two cookbooks with fun covers, and then two children's books that RvH has given me to send along to the girls. We thumbed through the pages and enjoyed the beautiful illustrations together. Then, LG showed me all the pages in one of her books, My Sister and I.

Exciting stuff, I know, but we connected today and we shared laughter and smiles and information. The little girls can see that I love them and am interested in their lives, and I get to observe how much they are growing and changing.

In about four weeks we will know if baby #3 is male or female. Won't that be fun! (It's a girl!)

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