03 August 2009


The agency I said I would never work for called today waving a very lovely carrot--a good job in a good location, with a very lovely salary.

I am reserved, but slightly hopeful. I am so ready to work and to earn some money. Still, the promised return phone call never came... The position is still a couple of weeks away, but my experience with this agency is that they commit and then renege.

In the meantime I am helping RvH by baking banana bread, peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and shortbread for the very large conference she is involved in at the end of this week. She is volunteering her services to our ex-employer and I am volunteering mine to RvH. The banana bread is in the freezer (4 small loaves), and the shortbread is chilling as I write. Later this evening I will bake the chocolate chip cookies and tomorrow the oatmeal raisin will go into the oven.

CA and I will deliver the cookies to RvH on Wednesday and travel on to Michigan. Our wingback chair and ottoman are ready in Battle Creek, so we will spend a few days with JL on her beautiful lake. On Friday night we plan to see the new movie, Julie and Julia. Really looking forward to that. Additional house guests arrive on Friday night, so we will hit the road for home on Saturday a.m.

DM's family is seriously contemplating returning to the U.S. in early October for a 4 month furlough that will include the new baby's birth. This is new news and we are reserving our excitement until the details evolve. What fun we will have if LG and KF are here this fall and winter--Halloween, Thanksgiving, weekends with Grandma and PaPa, baking, playing, Christmas. Too many good things to process so quickly. Time will tell.

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