31 July 2013

The Fun Kids Club

The morning frames: 2-4-6 had to return home to Cincinnati. Frames 2-3 had the saddest time saying good-bye.

28 July 2013

Fun Kids Club: Sewing Circle and S'mores

LG wants to learn to sew. LG is persistent. So just before dinner tonight we gathered our sewing circle, some felt squares, bits of ribbon, and my very basic Singer. We made 4 pillows stuffed with fiber-fil and trimmed with ribbon and bows--except no bows and man-ish ribbon for 6-year old JA. LE opted for a hot be-jeweled hot pink purse on a beaded chain. Poor little feverish LC cannot be forgotten. Luckily, I'd made a bright blue felt pillow with silky ribbon tabs for him over a year ago, and will finally deliver.

Grandma had a pajama day. Showering mid-afternoon and changing into yet another set.
Then, we enjoyed a delicious baked ziti casserole, salad with garden tomatoes, and baguettes--prepared by JE and MA. Their turn tonight.
Never promise children S'mores unless you know 100% you can deliver. Last night, prior to our bear hunt, was not pretty. It was chilly and we hadn't lit the grill for our risotto dinner. For some reaon the grandkids (8-6-5-4-3-2) did not understand the change of plans.
So, it became imperative that tonight there would be S'mores. After another non-grilled dinner, grandpa-PaPa, fired up the Weber and there were S'mores. Delicious S'mores. I had two.

27 July 2013

Fun Kids Club: We're Going on a Bear Hunt


Fun Kids Club: Farmers Market

More climbing, dancing, and listening to live bluegrass music than actual farmer's market shopping today.

Fun Kids Club: Celebrates One of Its Own

What can I say? Our family has a tradition of birthday cake for breakfast. LC just turned two, and was ever-so-happy to celebrate again at grandma and grandpa's house, and with his Colorado cousins.
Dress-up for the girls was not optional. It's a daily requirement. For fashionable ladies...
This is the cake we ordered from Bittersweet and picked-up during yesterday's Chicago adventure. Four layers of white cake, with crème brûlée, and buttercream icing. To-die-for. Worth every penny and the drive into Chicago, which was the impetus for yesterday's adventures.
This suitcase was the impetus for the monkey-themed party, plus it suits LC's personality. We considered Mickey Mouse and Jake and the Pirates. The monkey-theme was perfect.
Ah-h, these curls. No one can bear to consider cutting them.