22 July 2013

Fun Kids Club : Headquarters

Our family consists of two parents, a son and a daughter, a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law, and 6 grandchildren--three per. How symmetrical. Count them--12 humans. Sleeping for 12. Our villa (townhome) has three generously-sized bedrooms--besides the master (which has a king, but is not open territory) each bedroom has a queen-sized guest bed. One guest room has a crib, and the other has a roll-away in it's walk-in closet. (What can I say? Our oldest grandson has some mild sensory issues and loves that small, quiet space.) That's sleeping for 8, not 12.
JE suggested the older four grandkids (8-6-5-4 years) could sleep in our very unfinished, but large basement.
That set my creative juices flowing and CA wasn't far behind. This is what's evolved. A few hundred dollars, some re-arranging of storage shelves, a bit of drywall under the stairs, inter-locking padded floor squares, a bit of paint, and our creative minds with limited skills. (Drywall to be painted in the Fall when upstairs rooms are scheduled to be refreshed.) We also purchased 4 Coleman camp cots, camp mattresses, fun fleeces blankets, and colorful pillows. We sectioned off a 15'x15' space, which includes two window wells, with limited light, and one overhead light. We were able to easily add outlets as the wiring and blanks were already roughed-in.
Amazingly, the rest of the stuff was already ours--stored unused in some instances--in this very basement. Toys were in one of the guest room walk-ins, but now reside in two large storage trunks which until recently housed an unused artificial Christmas tree.
We added a doorknob to this chalkboard as its positioning implied a doorway.
Night- night, Fun Kids.

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