15 July 2013

Following is Not Always Stalking

O.K. I'll admit it. Instagram has gotten its hooks into me. I was first attracted because a few of my favorite bloggers have migrated, almost entirely, from blogging to Instagram. I've missed them.
I do despair over the cropped-square requirements. Not everything fits into a box. In life, and for sure in Instagram.
For example:
So far, here are the filters I'm employing for following and blocking.
  1. I already follow her/his blog
  2. They like me; their own Instagram feed is both public and not scary*
  3. They follow me; *(see above)
  4. I follow a link; *(see above)
  5. High quality and interesting photos *(see above)
  1. Potential stalkers
  2. Potential pedifiles
  3. On a national registry
  4. Feed has too many "selfies" (pictures she's/he's taken of himself/herself
  5. Foul language-symbols-photos
  6. Pig farmers in Russia. Oh wait! I am following him.

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