27 July 2013

Fun Kids Club: Celebrates One of Its Own

What can I say? Our family has a tradition of birthday cake for breakfast. LC just turned two, and was ever-so-happy to celebrate again at grandma and grandpa's house, and with his Colorado cousins.
Dress-up for the girls was not optional. It's a daily requirement. For fashionable ladies...
This is the cake we ordered from Bittersweet and picked-up during yesterday's Chicago adventure. Four layers of white cake, with crème brûlée, and buttercream icing. To-die-for. Worth every penny and the drive into Chicago, which was the impetus for yesterday's adventures.
This suitcase was the impetus for the monkey-themed party, plus it suits LC's personality. We considered Mickey Mouse and Jake and the Pirates. The monkey-theme was perfect.
Ah-h, these curls. No one can bear to consider cutting them.

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