12 July 2013

Birds of a Feather

This is one of my favorite fabrics we've used in our Huge Project. These drapes are on our French doors leading from our Morning Room--which should be east facing to actually qualify, but doesn't. It is where we perch each morning to ease into the day with coffee and various forms of media, print and electronic.
I digress.
Anyway, these draperies are on th French doors out to out deck and screened porch. So, the bird theme connects inside-outside. Sigh...
With all those lovely fabric birds, I've been careful to not overplay birds in our open great room and adjoining study-diningroom. But, as I searched for a lamp, nothing quite worked for the faux vintage-shappy chic 1/2 table I found at Interiors Anew in our study. Until I spotted this birdie's fraternal twin in a darkish teal, which could have worked with these drapes and our Venetian Rose paint.
But then I saw the more desirable sister, in a good green. Love, love, love her. CA? Not so much. Whoops! I do love, love, love CA. He doesn't love the bird lamp.
She came with a natural-colored burlap hat, but I felt she deserved a more special shade so the hunt ensued. See how much the painted walls shift color? This is a never-before observed down-shift. YUK!
Continuing... Every time I walked past the lamp aisle I kept picking up this brown faux-alligator, gold-lined shade. Needing to own it. Knowing it really wouldn't work with any existing lamp, in any room. Except, last night I could no longer resist the $9.99 Tuesday Morning bargain. I just needed to bring it home.
When I tried it here CA was disbelieving, more than doubtful, so I got more convincing. This works! And then, I realized it does work. I love, love, love the combination in just this setting.

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