05 July 2013

Time Flies

strawberry-rhubarb pie; martha stewart's pâte brisée
Days and weeks of house guests and travel. Dinner party Sunday night on the porch, and then a lull... Looking forward to it.
CA's sister, husband, and daughter were visiting only one night, so we had to move fast, talk fast, laugh fast. From here CA is accompanying the New Orleans group to visit his mom in Central Illinois--3 hours from here. I get 3 days home alone. Bliss.
Yesterday, I only took one phone call. No other conversations. No expectations.
While our guests were in town, we had Chicago-style pizza (they requested Chicago food) at Georgio's in Crystal Lake, preceded by our favorite anti-pasta salad. Did not disappoint!
Once back home, I baked the Scottish shortbread I'd started earlier in the day (for my dad's caregivers), and a strawberry-rhubarb pie for them to take along to GG's. I craved a piece of that pie!
Then, yesterday after a leisurely early morning (translate: once teen-aged HL awoke) we took a short drive to the Woodstock square and had a great brunch at Angelo's. They really have their act together now. We window-shopped a bit before heading home so that the 4 travelers could get on the road by noon.
I spent my afternoon reading and sleeping. My evening may have included a carton of Ben and Jerry's and/or Bravo...

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