11 July 2013

Around Our Village Today

Driving back from my favorite resale shop in our village this afternoon, I spotted this old boy. Just sitting there. Alone. I actually turned my car around, pulled into a hair salon parking space, and captured a few moments of a hot July afternoon, locally. Something I always "mean" to do. And, I had my new iPad mini in-tow.

Then, there was this guy, Maximillien. As I slowed to reposition my car, I noticed a vintage house with a bunch of kitsch in the yard and on the porch. I did a double-take to ascertain that there really was a large white statue of a dog on the front porch--perched as if staring at the front entrance. Yep! There was actually a statue there. I'd take a photo of it after I got one of the cute little red Standard Oil truck.
Being in a distractible state, I also took photos of vintage homes-turned-commercial--a very common occurrence in small towns everywhere, but sometimes done well.
And, across the street my second favorite resale shop in the village.
As I walked back to the car I considered whether I should approach the private home with the big white dog statue, or was that an invasion of privacy? I decided to cross the street to take a closer look and maybe ask permission.
Just then, a man and a bulldog walked out of the house and onto the porch. Whoops! Where'd the all-white dog statue go? Not missing a beat, I verbally admired the dog, chatted with them both, and asked to take photos. Max was shy at first, then distracted by wafting scents, but finally showed a bit of forbearance and nonchalantly acquiesced.
And then, I continued with my errands.
*. *. *.
My most favorite local resale shop, Interiors Anew, is in the middle of this block.

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