24 February 2009


It's winter and more winter. Just when the snow clears and we think the Chicago area is headed toward Spring, it snows again. No real surprises, just hope springs eternal. Come on! We're Cubs fans, you know.

After traveling seven weeks in Europe we can't help but be happy to settle into our everyday life. There are groceries to buy, meals to cook, laundry... All boring, but necessary stuff. And you know, sometimes when life gets way overwhelming, you yearn for just a normal day so we are trying to savour these.

We are both working some and burrowing in with books and a crackling fire whenever possible. We're doing a minimal amount of entertaining, caring for indisposed family and friends, video-conferencing with our beautiful little ones, and just living life in a slower lane.

Our woods is snow covered again, and there are Cardinals flitting between the brown, bare branches. One day two deer walked out of our woods. We have to be careful on these country roads because the deer are plenty brave and when there is one, there is always at least one more.

A new baby girl is joining our family soon. We are waiting for that important phone call. We don't want her to come too soon, but we are waiting and ready to hop in the car and head to Nebraska. She doesn't have a name yet, but when she gets here it will probably be an obvious choice. The squishy little guy will have a baby sister and he will LOVE her. I can hardly wait to cuddle her and smell her new little sweet head. And, I am missing kissing the back of that squishy little guy's neck and giggling with him in person. For now he is running, and jumping, and drumming... 23 months of boundless energy and good humor.