11 January 2011


One good outcome of my Weight Watchers journey is that I'm becoming more creative with my food. I've always loved a great "presentation" but only really focus on it for just me when I'm dieting.

Today when I walked at Health Bridge with LL, she was exclaiming (we both do a lot of exclaiming when we're together) over the sweet cherries she's been enjoying. I actually had my hands on a small bag when I was last grocery shopping, but decided I needed to use up the fresh fruit already in my frig.

The berry bowl pictured above is something I'd forgotten about--I purchased it in Budapest in December 2005. We drove the 2+ hours from Bratislava on dry roads, but the snow began falling just as we walked from our parked car. MK had a clear plastic cover for 7-month old LG's stroller, so she was protected. The memorable part is when MK lifted LG from her stroller and danced and spun throughout the plaza bordering a wine cellar (which DM and CA were exploring) and the shop where I purchased this bowl. MK danced with such delight and love; LG giggled; and I embraced the moment.

After walking about a bit exploring in the snow, we settled in at the Paris Budapest Restaurant in the Sofitel Hotel and spent the afternoon sipping coffee and watching the snow accumulate. At one point CA and I visited the Christmas market and I bought a black fur hat. By the time we were back on the streets, the snow had stopped and the city was bright with sparkling white lights.

We finished our visit with a Mexican dinner at Iguana Bar and Grill, where DM consumed a noteworthy Whoop Ass Burrito. At that time, especially, Mexican food was hard to find in Central Europe, so this meal was the perfect capper to our snowy winter day in Budapest.

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