25 January 2011


photo by: Angel Chevrestt

BIG SHOES TO FILL: Lisa Frantz (left) and Lydia Marks, a "Sex and the City"
movie-set decorator, show off their prize creation -- a replica
of the dream closet Mr. Big bought Carrie in the first film

 A Long Island, NY man has gifted his wife with a replica of Carrie's closet from Sex and the City 2. He's getting Big's closet soon.

*Heard about this on Wake Up with Taylor on Sirius 108 this morning, and couldn't resist a look.

Right now, one lucky lady now is having the best shoe-gasm of her life. A Long Island businessman has hired Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz, the set designers behind Sex and the City, to replicate Carrie Bradshaw's closet for his wife. The price tag: $175,000. The New York Post reports that their 400 square-foot guest bedroom has been transformed into the envy-worthy closet holding upwards of 400 pairs of shoes (all designer, naturally), as well as every accompanying accessory under the sun.

So exactly what will 175k get you? The same hand-beveled mirror glass that is featured in the movie, an individual space for every item in the closet (sunglass compartments are specially sized, as are compartments for hair dryers and flat irons), and frosted glass doors with an Art Deco finish. And the project doesn't end there. Next up, Marks and Frantz will replicate Mr. Big's closet for their client's husband. 
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Better than 'Sex' [New York Post]

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