31 January 2011


Just spending some time on the wintery morning (with a fresh cold!) fantasizing about a future trip to Italy, à la Walter Mitty. So far in our European travels, we've just touched on a tiny portion of Italy near Monaco, but definitely plan an Italian vacation in the near future.

Trevisio, Italy

I bought this magazine at our local librairie in Mougins, France during our visit in November-December and have been captivated by the images of this small hotel inside an ancient mill in Trevisio, Italy. At 120 Euros per night (including petit déjeuner ), I think it's a bargain. You can enjoy a five-course meal in the restaurant on weekends for about 45 Euros. And, there's a vineyard that provides the restaurant's cabernets.

I love the hanging glass ornaments. Something close to what I'd planned with the heart-shaped ornaments I lost at the airport in Nice.

From what I'm able to gather (with my near non-existent French) from the article, the mill which dates from 1564 was renovated by Elisabetta and (her husband) Silvio Stefani--an architect. There are five guest accomodations and a restaurant. Cote Sud doesn't seem to offer an on-line version of this article, but here're more details.

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