16 January 2011


We’ve spent the weekend celebrating JL’s birthday—66. One more 6 and we’re all in trouble!

Friday we had lunch at Food Dance, did some errands and shopping, made taco salad for dinner, and enjoyed some reading time in front of a blazing fire. Saturday the three of us worked out at Bronson Athletic Club, made a return trip to Tuesday Morning for a few more fun kitchen gadgets discovered yesterday, spent the afternoon creating the Rainbow Cake, and had dinner in Schoolcraft at Schnauzers with our cousin BZ, her husband and friend.

Inspiration Cake

Today the cake got iced—approximately 3 lbs. of powdered sugar. Yep! Six layers and five sides requires a ton of icing. Next time we’ll secure the layers with wooden skewers, because we fought gravity the entire time to avoid a Leaning Tower of Pisa.

We vegged this afternoon and then CA and I made steak tacos for dinner.

It’s finally time for JL to open her card and gift, and we cut into the Rainbow Cake. Lovely. It looks like the yellow layer decided to go split-level. Next time we’ll make sure to use a totally flat cake plate. Still, a success and tasty, too.

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