24 July 2014



Mr. Coffee


This recent addition to our kitchen is making me very, very happy. Forever, we'd had a 12-cup coffee pot dedicated solely to brewing tea for iced tea. After our 20+-year old Mr. Coffee bit the dust, we decided to try the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker, even though I've never liked the flavor of hot tea poured over ice.

Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker


After months of dissatisfaction, we reached two conclusions: 1) Our long-time source for teabags has been corrupted. Their tea is no longer of an acceptable quality/flavor. 2) A dedicated 12-cup Mr. Coffee coffeemaker is far superior to the iced tea maker.


I found the teal beauty at Tuesday Morning, and I'm in love. But, this love affair is a 3-way.

Marielle+Mr. Coffee+Twinings


We've switched to Twinings English Breakfast Tea--tea leaves and teabags. Soulmates.




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