01 June 2010


The beach is far, far away at this point, but home is sounding good. We sleep in and surf the free Internet for awhile leaving at the last possible minute--11:00am check-out. We share a banana with orange juice and coffee at the Ramada and then by the time we're hungry for lunch we're on a secondary highway headed toward Cincinnati with no food in sight. We pull off for a few minutes and I put together a plate of the wonderful cheddar cheese we found at Farm Fresh, multi-grain crackers, and some Diet Coke from our cooler.

We don't stop much today, taking turns driving but with CA doing the most. When he's resting mid-afternoon I see a sign for Ritter's World Famous Ice Cream in Shelbyville, IN so I pull off. We both get waffle cones with turtle ice cream--soft serve. This doesn't come close to Chap's in Charlottesville, VA, so I doubt World Famous really fits. Still, it's as good as Culver's and quite refreshing. Their waffle cones are very fresh and crunchy.This stop will ensure that we can make it back home as far as Crystal Lake for dinner at Georgio's.

It's 7:30pm when we park across from Georgio's. We're hungry and happy to be so close to home. We order our usual--small, deep dish with onions, lite cheese, 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 sausage. Good thing we order the anti pasta salad to share because we need to stave off hunger for the 30+ minutes we wait for our pizza. Yum. One word is enough sometimes.

Home is looking good, even in the dark. The mosquitoes are relentless and several escape inside. We unload and take care of only what's necessary. CA boots up the computer while I shower and head for bed. No reading necessary tonight.

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