20 June 2010


LE's very rough morning.

Breakfast and reading for JA.

LE still has a fever this morning, and JA must not feel up-to-par either as there are no sounds coming from the living room or office/play room when I crawl out of bed this morning. Surprisingly, JA is sitting quietly with his mommy and LE sleeps until almost 8:30am. No church for most of us today. MA will go as he has responsibilities.

After a bit, CA distracts JA by taking him soccer ball shopping at Target. He has in mind a Nerf soccer ball that JA will be able to handle more easily than the standard ball they were shooting around the backyard a bit on Friday before everyone got sick. Lucky, they find Target has one blue soccer ball and they only need one! CA also chooses a small pink Disney Princesses ball for LE. Both balls are a hit at home. LE is determined to do everything JA does.

A few weeks ago JA invented a game he calls Kite Guy. It’s basically fetch, and LE is young enough to think it’s a fun game. The new balls are perfect for a round or two or three of Kite Guy.

Looking for some guitar worship music so that JA can play along, we try Michael W. Smith and also Hillsong in Australia. Eventually, JE does some You Tube searching and we settle on some live Jonas Brothers videos. These seem perfect as they play a variety of instruments and JA can copy their moves. LE does, too, and I get a hilarious video.

It’s another very rainy day. A couple of the College Baseball World Series games are postponed or delayed because of rain. Being inside today isn’t too bad because of the weather. There is some thunder and lightning, too.

We feast on leftovers—there’s Chinese, chicken salad, and pasta and meatballs marinara. JE has plans for charcoaled steaks tonight. Oh yes, it’s Father’s Day and we have two world-class dads here today. It’ll all be low-key, but still we’ll make sure they know how much they’re appreciated.

I’m enjoying my food magazines and still reading Saul and Patsy until late afternoon. It ends abruptly. I guess Baxter’s Saul finally ran out of ruminating thoughts and things to say. I’ve totally enjoyed this book and its quirky characters and setting. Real life is pretty much quirky, after all.

LE is early to bed and JA is not far behind. They’re both invalids still, although LE’s fever broke this afternoon. Before long we’re ready for an adults-only dinner. CA and I made a trip to Wohlner’s late afternoon for some fresh sour dough bread and a bottle of House wine.

Our rib steaks turn out perfectly, and we have them with some Mojo de Ajo (Rick Bayless's) rice and Romaine salads I’ve concocted. First I make up a batch of tomato bruschetta (A misnomer, I know but what’re you going to call the tomato/basil/garlic/olive oil mixture?) with the vine ripe tomatoes I got at Caputo’s for last weekend and some basil snipped freshly from MA’s front steps pot.

Then, I slice some red onions and soak them in iced water, while chilling the rinsed Romaine. Just as we are seated I divide the Romaine into halves, the long way, top it with the herb ranch dressing from last weekend, sprinkle on the tomato mixture (not nearly as descriptive as “bruschetta”), and arrange several red onion and avocado slices alongside. It’s all fresh, flavorful, and crunchy—you just can’t ask more of a salad than that.

We’re quite satisfied and feeling mellow. We pursue our solitary activities and enjoyments before all heading to bed for an early night. My plan is to make it to a 5:30am yoga class tomorrow. I set my cell phone alarm, and settle in for a comfy sleep.

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