05 June 2010


I love an ordinary day! We didn't have to set an alarm, but still we're up fairly early. CA goes to exercise and I just putter, take and return some phone calls, and while away the morning and early afternoon.

LA and I have a few conversations about a crib skirt she needs for the new baby's new crib--he's coming June 10, or before.

CA and I Skype with the little girls in Bratislava and LG reminds me of some of the things she needs sent in the next package, so I head out with my list to Tuesday Morning, Marshall's, Ace Hardware, Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics, and TJ Maxx. My luck is fairly good, but the to-get list is not dwindling. I find:
  • Two pale pink DKNY hand towels for the powder room from Tuesday Morning.
  • A darling milk chocolate sundress for LE and some requested sprinkles for LG from Marshall's.
  • A can of X-14 to hopefully eradicate some black and grey spots on our back deck gutters from Ace.
  • A fabric sample for LA's baby boy's crib skirt from Hancock Fabrics.
  • Two Berenstain Bear DVDs and some necessary guitar stuff for JA from TJ Maxx.
While CA is out he picks up some deli meats and Havarti, so we have an easy dinner which we finish off with the scrumptious Fage yogurt, red raspberries, and a dusting of brown sugar. This Greek 2% yogurt is so rich and creamy it fills the ice cream void.

I climb into the oh-so-comfortable leather recliner with a stack of magazines about 8:00pm, or so, and surface only long enough to get ready for bed, throw my workout clothes into the washer, and discover that three pairs of black yoga pants have disappeared. This activity jars me more awake than I'd intended so I head back to the recliner and sleep soundly.

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