19 June 2010


JE has recently begun using Mason jars for refrigerator storage. In addition to leftovers, she prepares steamed veggies and cooks chicken breast ahead for JA and LE's meals. Plastic container storage is a serious avalanche, and the chemicals in these plastics have become suspect on several levels.

I really like the idea because CA has always despised our plastic container/to-go box storage space. The avalanche, again. I've decided to add to my French jelly jar supplies and go all-glass in my home, also.

I may have to encode the French jelly jars with homing chips as my supply always diminishes as JE's and my mother-in-law's expand.

Crate and Barrel now calls these Working Glasses, but I learned the phrase French Jelly Jar from C and B years ago, I recall.

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