14 June 2010


JS and DS both told me last night that they really like the curtain we sewed and hung a few weeks ago and are ready to go ahead with the second installment. Today is the only day I have available this week, so we agree to meet at their house at 12:00.

It's a rainy, rainy day in a rainy, rainy week, so a good day for inside projects.

It takes me awhile to re-establish my footing on how we put the first drapery panel-swag together, and then JS and I collaborate on the second. It takes just minutes of sewing to complete the panel, and then we stretch and hang it next to the first.

The rain has stopped, so JS and I embark on a hearty one-hour walk around the neighborhood and country club--the area JS has lived in her entire life. We admire the fixer-uppers and gardens, and enjoy the river ripples and streams. Our time flies with our fast-paced walking and talking.

My late date at HB has cancelled, but I'm determined to Yoga tonight, so after a brief read and rest at home, I head out. No matter what aches and pains plague me each day, a one-hour Yoga practice eases my body and calms my mind. Ah-h-h-h.

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