08 June 2010


When LG raised the mattress height on the new crib, she
discovered the need for a custom-sewed bed skirt.

Up early to walk at HB with a friend, then Yoga, and a few errands. The plan is to leave for Chicago by 4:00pm to meet with JL at EG & LG's to design and sew the bed skirt for the expected little boy--coming on Thursday.

Traffic is fine until O'Hare (30 minutes)and then is S-L-O-O-O-O-W-S down. O'Hare to Irving Park takes about 2 hours, and then the final approach is delayed when I find Montrose is closed for repairs and have to detour south on Clark around Graceland Cemetery. I finally arrive at 7:00pm, exhausted.

Besides JL, EG's mom TG is visiting from Orlando in anticipation of the new little boy's arrival. Dinner is Lou's Pizza from Malnati's, a great salad, and lively conversation with the effervescent Sophie.

The evening flies by and not a cut or stitch is made on the bed skirt. Good thing I brought my emergency overnight bag. I get the cushy leather sofa and sleep comes easily.

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