26 June 2010


After my 6:00am yoga class and walking for 15 minutes alone, I go home and sleep for 90 minutes! That, after a strong cup of coffee.

By my calculation, I should be able to loose one pound a month just by cutting out the half-n-half or cream in my coffee. I substitute Coffee Mate today--even to my sensitive palette, it's pretty good.

I'm meeting LL and MK for lunch at Mimi's Cafe on Randall Road for lunch at 11:30am. We haven't seen MK for an age, and it's fun catching up. For many years we had lunch together almost every day. We exchange email addresses and pledge to do lunch often. The coconut shrimp salad with creamy ginger dressing I order is spectacular. I'd drive here just for this salad.

I wander through J.Jill, Coldwater Creek, Chico's, Pottery Barn, and then Trader Joe's and Target.  At TJ's I get some of the cranberry, cashew, and almond mix we love to add to salads, some organic lemonade, greeting cards (They're only 99 cents each at TJ's), and Trader Joe's chunky marinara sauce. I bypass the fresh flowers as it's to hot to leave flowers in the car. Other than groceries, I buy a wire basket that holds 6 small clear glass bud vases at Pottery Barn. Is it for me, or is it a gift?

At Target I find that my bistro set is REALLY on sale. I grab my cell phone and call RvH's. Miraculously, she answers her cell phone. She carries it only for emergencies and it's a rare occasion that I try to reach her on it. I know that she'd looked at a couple of Targets--slightly interested in a set for her patio. I ask if she'd like a set for Christmas and she does! She asks if blue is too copy-cat? What, are we in junior high? Of course she can have blue, like mine. I will store it in my basement until she's ready to use it. When I check out, I find it's even more on sale than I realized.

I skip Home Goods, as I'll only get in trouble there...

CA has been to HB in Crystal Lake and completed a French lesson besides. We're in for the day. It's hot and home is feeling so welcoming.

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