17 June 2010


A 30-minute power walk and then Yoga. We're on our way to Omaha to visit the squishy little guy and his baby sister. She's walking now and we're anxious to see her feat in person.

A lovely day to travel--sunshine and warm weather. It's windy, but who cares?

We want a healthy lunch, but are forced (!) to indulge at Taco Bell because of hunger pangs and availability. I love the Baja Chicken Chalupas.

Again, thank you God for Sirius satellite radio. Rosie O'Donnell and then The Two Broads keep us entertained (at least me--CA tolerates these two shows just a bit more than he can tolerate Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer or COSMO Radio's Taylor in the Morning).

I take my turn driving--straight west and into the sun--but surrender the wheel after about 150 miles. CA is a trooper.

We make the entire trip with stops and all in 7-1/2 hours--definitely a record for us. As we pull in, the other set of grandparents are just pulling away from their day of babysitting. We roll down our windows smile and greet each other, and the guard changes.

JA is wild with anticipation. Anxious to see his gifts and to show off his brand new soccer shoes. Grandpa and he are soon out back kicking around the soccer ball. Later we roll out the rugs (Yoga mats) and do some happy baby, corpse pose, forward bends, bridge and boat poses. LE joins in with gusto and is instantly a pro at happy baby--her natural disposition and position. Done for today, we roll up the mats knowing we'll do this again tomorrow, and Saturday, and Sunday...

I fretted about the cost of The Little Rocker's Club book I had ordered from Amazon for JA. It was about $11 and when it arrived it was about the size and shape of a $3 Scholastic Book. Didn't realize until tonight that there is a digital version coupon code included with the book, so tomorrow we'll download the audio version to JE's iPod.

JA is fascinated by the book and the story, picking up the book on his own and flipping the pages. (Something JE says he hasn't done in awhile with any book. 3-year old boys are more physical than intellectual!) At bedtime he asks to take the book up to his room and for mommy to read the story to him again. This is the perfect book for JA, as he is VERY interested in music and musical instruments.

We order Chinese for dinner and it's very good--chicken fried rice, General Tso's chicken, and sesame chicken along with some Crab Rangoon won tons. Amazingly the sesame chicken is hotter than the General's. It's all yummy and we eat as much as we can manage.

After dinner we talk a bit with JE (MA's resting and not feeling so good) and then settle in for some books, a bit of computer time, and Lakers vs. Celtics for CA. Three full days with the little ones--we can hardly wait.

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