09 June 2010


This iconic toy was introduced in 1963.
Easy-Bake has served as the inspiration for
many bakers. Stop in to see our collection!

When SG hit me up last night for a walk-a-thon donation for her elementary (she's pre-K) school in order to fund special programs, I gladly donate. I don't find out until we're on our 20 minute walk taking her to school that I discover we--Grandmas Trudy and Judy (don't you love the alliteration?!) and Aunt Marielle are participating.

We get a 30-minute coffee break before the event starts, and SG's teacher suggests we step across the street for coffee to Angel Food Bakery. JL and I each choose a slice of frittata and a cup of hot tea, taking time to admire the darling display of Easy Bake-type ovens. They line the shelf that surrounds the ceiling on all four walls.

Before we know it the Walk-A-Thon begins and we spend a rousing hour walking, laughing, and herding the restless 4 and 5 year olds. It's a riot hearing the jokes the little ones know and make up.

I'm very impressed with the professionalism and energy of the staff at Ravenswood Elementary. This is a multi-cultural school and the quality of education is tops.

By 11:00am we're back at the Graves and I'm hot, tired, and anxious to begin our project. JL and I work together--me designing and her sewing (It's her sewing machine, a treasured Elna keepsake from her mother-in-law.). At 1:00pm it's time to walk over to pick up SG, but I opt out and spend the next 2 hours and 40 minutes completing our project.

The bed skirt fits well and looks great. I'd made the goal of leaving by 3:00pm and I'm on my way on the dot.

On my way to my Yoga class at HB I have time to do some errands, finding some bargains at Carsons at Spring Hill (for me and for JA), and a quick stop at Babies-R-Us for a protective pad to go between the bed skirt and springs on the expected baby's bed.

By the time I get home from Yoga I'm EXHAUSTED, but content. A very productive couple of days.

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