15 June 2010



A very busy day, today. 8:15am walk with LL at HB, then Yoga at 9:15am. A quick stop at Tom's for two quarts of strawberries for LG, and then a sprint to Barrington for a doctor's appointment. I'm starving by 12:30pm when I leave Dr. McD's office, and Buona Beef is nearby. They have the best burgers, and I'm hoping to skip the fries. Usually RvH and I share a small order, but today I'm on my own. And, I love the large Arnold Palmer--1/2 iced tea and 1/2 lemonade with extra ice. (I can't resist the fries, but at least don't finish them...)

This week's drive into Chicago takes half the time as last Tuesday's so I have plenty of time to stop at Orange Beautiful's new shop on Damen Avenue. A great neighborhood--I have a fun time driving around and noting the shops, restaurants, and architecture. I enjoy Orange Beautiful and buy a graduation card for my niece and some fun gift enclosures.


LG and JL are at the doctor with baby Rhys, so I park in front of the condo on Broadway and dig out my latest Ian Rankin book, Doors Open, which is the first Rankin book I've read that is not about John Rebus. Very, very fun book. Well-written and clever. I want more like this.

After a few minutes they arrive home, and I get a good deal of baby holding. He's so, so tiny and so, so sweet. He has the longest fingers and toes, and he does the cutest things with his hands. The effervescent Sophie is at school and not due to be picked up until 5:30pm.

It's still raining when I volunteer to walk across the street and a bit down the block to drop off a Rx for baby Rhys at Jewel-Osco. I also pick up some vanilla Oreos and a Father's Day card for my dad. JL and I are going in together on this one, and are giving cash to our octo-Dad who's notoriously hard to please. There's a family celebration on Sunday--joint graduation for MEJ and Father's Day--in Central Illinois that I won't be able to atten-- but JL is going. In fact, so is baby Rhys and the effervescent Sophie.

At 5:30pm we venture out again to Ravenswood Elementary School to retrieve SG, and I get a further tour. SG's teacher has recently repainted their bathroom and each of the pre-K's has added a handprint to a flower stem to decorate the freshly renewed walls. There is also a new mirror that is brightly painted and then it's wooden edges covered with beads and buttons. Cute. Baby Rhys is admired by all.

It's late by the time we decide that we'll cook pasta at home, and JL and I grab umbrellas and head out again to Jewel for bread and organic milk for SG. LG has some turkey meatballs in the freezer which we combine with Emeril's Marinara Sauce and some multi-grain penne pasta. JL tosses a salad and I butter and warm the bread. It's a fine meal, but 9:00pm by the time we finish.

It's time for me to kiss the baby and SG and find the Kennedy I-94 West. The rain is just dripping now, and the roads are clear so I'm home in 1-1/2 hours and ready for a shower and a book in bed until lights out.

A very good day. New babies are so, so special. You just can't be stressed when you're holding one. I recommend it, heartily.

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