18 June 2010


Little people get up early! So do I when I have to meet someone at HB, but only on that kind of day. Today, JA and LE run smiling into our room just before 7:00am and our day is underway...

We laugh and play and drink some coffee (just the adults) while the sky darkens and the thunder rolls; morning becomes night. It storms for just a bit and gradually the day brightens and begins in earnest.

CA is determined to catch the World Cup game this morning--U.S. vs. Slovenia--so he heads to the Omaha Embassy Suites hotel where they have cable and a big screen. LE decides to try on and model her new sundresses, and JA insists on a bit of Yoga.

By mid-morning we drive to Jones Brothers in Aksarben (Nebraska backward. Yes. Backward. I refuse to learn to pronounce it, preferring Arky-Barky.) We have cupcakes and more coffee on our minds, and a bit of water play, slides, and swings for the little ones.

JA chooses a white cupcake with green frosting, and I am seduced by the chocolate with raspberry frosting. YUM! Lucy eats veggie strips, and JE mooches cupcake crumbs. CA joins us when the game ends in a 2-2 tie.

We then wander over to Stinson Park just across from Wohlner's and Jones Brothers. This is a lovely new area with apartments and shops, and a bit of an urban feel. We swing (I get a bit dizzy!) and slide and then the little ones chase the sprouting waters for about an hour.

JE and I take LE to Wohlner's to pick up a few necessities plus some chicken salad and sour dough bread to facilitate our picnic in the park. At the butcher counter I'm exclaiming over the cherry-pecan bratwurst and the butcher insists I take two home at no charge to try out. WOW! CA and I will make another stop at Wohlner's before leaving the area on Monday so that we can buy some of their specialties.

Across the street at the park are umbrella tables and lots of soft green grass--we need some shade so opt for an umbrella. Great chicken salad. Fresh and chewy sour dough. Giggles and wiggles, and soon full tummies.

JA doesn't want to leave, but we promise we'll come back later because there's a free concert in the park late afternoon--Rockers for Knocker--in support of breast cancer research. There will be Hooter girls. JE first thinks, "inappropriate," then decides maybe it is fitting to have Hooter girls is support of breast cancer research.

LE is the easiest child. She loves to sleep and never fusses at bed or naptime. A dream. JA always has to unwind before he can nap, so he squeals and bounces a bit before settling in. I relax into the leather recliner while CA finds his own spot to read.

By the time MA arrives home from work, we're all ready to roll once again. We drive to Stinson Park for the concert and soon realize that we've arrived during a lull. We search out some dinner and then drive to McKenna's on 72nd and Pacific for BBQ.

JA is unsettled. After we wander the room and admire the posters and pictures of Blues and Guitar musicians, it becomes clear that he's not feeling well. MA drives him home while the rest of us continue lick our fingers and dip our fries. JE and MA have each ordered a badwich which is a combo of beef and pork BBQ. CA has a spider sandwich (soft shell crab), and I opt for the honey Dijon chicken wings and a tossed salad with vinaigrette.

No rock music for us tonight. LE is fading fast and just after we get home JA is really sick, before cooling off and settling down. Too much sun, we decide.

Tomorrow is another day and we've lots to choose. There's the Old Market Farmers Market, the College Baseball World Series, parks, museums, and shopping.

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