26 June 2010


I blissfully meandered through my evening yesterday feeling the freedom of no commitments for Saturday--today. I stayed up late, first watching junk television and then reading Witch Hunt. I turned my bedside light out just before 2:00am. Just then I remembered--I have to leave the house at 8:30am for RvH's brunch!

I cut myself some slack this morning, leaving just before 9:00am. Traffic is light, which is good as there is construction all through Huntley. I'm not on I-90 very long before I spot an IDOT vehicle on the right shoulder (I'm in the right lane) and the IDOT guy is standing on the pavement outside the driver's side door. I quickly calculate that there's no room to scooch over and traffic is moving very, very fast. I steer toward the center line and slow down.

Unfortunately, the woman in the 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Series red-orange car is speeding along and hits her brakes too late. I see her coming... She hits me full on, smashing my passenger side back lower bumper. The same spot that DS hit a few months ago. Her car's hood is in worse shape.

The IDOT calls the State Troopers and we wait silently for his arrival, insurance cards and driver's licenses in-hand. After about 15 minutes (a lifetime) he arrives and is congenial and respectful. He collects our cards and says he'll be about 10 minutes. We each retire to our respective cars to wait... After another 15 minutes he brings my cards and paperwork, again asking about my safety and well-being and telling me that the other driver will be cited. I don't want anyone to get a ticket, but I do think it's warranted this time.

At RvH's we have a fast-talking, laugh-filled morning that slides quickly into afternoon. She is the consummate host--excellent cook, table designer, and conversationalist. SW is visiting RvH from Atlanta, and I haven't seen MH or ST for months. RvH has prepared a crab quiche and a fresh berry/yogurt parfait. MH has made spectacularly moist and delicious berry scones.

By the time I leave RvH's I've consulted a couple of times with CA and also with the State Farm agent. Everything is in the works and on Monday we'll get an estimate at the same shop that repaired the BMW a few months ago. I hate driving around a battered car. And, we will be on the road a lot over the next couple of weeks.

On the drive home I debate errands, and finally cut through Barrington to the Tuesday Morning in Fox River Grove. The 50% off clearance sale is over, so I limit my purchases to some wrapping supplies. Lovely wrapping supplies--the pearlized pink paper RvH used on my Mother's Day gift, ballerina gift bags, and some pink tissue paper. I also choose very pretty square paper plates in a pale turquoise with brown and dark gold accents.

Our a/c at home is making a funny noise, so we bite the bullet and turn it off until the repair guy can get her on Tuesday. It's hot--even with ceiling fans and low lights. We'll survive.

We work together preparing a chicken stir fry, first marinating the chicken in soy sauce, garlic, and olive oil. Then, we cut red and yellow peppers, and a large sweet onion. I smash and slice two cloves of garlic. The mushrooms are cleaned and pre-sliced (for 10 cents more per box). CA prepares our favorite Uncle Ben's rice and we're soon sitting in the library watching the VERY long trailers prelude to Invictus.

A great Saturday night at home. We've got only 2-1/2 days to sort out the paperwork and prepare for our next road trip. I'm going to savor my days at home...

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