13 June 2009


Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha, NE
Scene of the College Baseball World Series

Our weekend is almost over. LE's curtains are hemmed and 3 out of the 7 panels are hung. We'll attempt to hang the rest in the morning--I say attempt because tasks like this always seem to get over-complicated... CA and I are planning to start the drive home around 9:30am as he has soccer and I have commitments for Monday.

This evening CA, JE, and grandma (Gigi) have plans to attend the College Baseball World Series, Game 2, Virginia vs. LSU. CA goes out late morning to stand in line for general admission tickets--his line takes about an hour, but the reserved seats ticket pick-up line is hours and hours long.

We have an early dinner--hamburgers on the grill with both the watermelon/feta salad and broccoli slaw CA and I enjoyed last week. MA and I are staying home to be with the little ones. I volunteer to drop our fans off so that Gigi won't have to walk from some very remote off-site parking spot. Unbelievable traffic for the drop off. What a mad house! Rosenblatt Stadium holds about 23,000 and there were easily 30,000 hoping to get into tonight's game.

At the agreed upon pick-up time, I head back along 10th to our drop-off spot and find the police have closed that side road. I cut across to 13th, make a left turn, and ma-ma-mia! It's like a street fair parking lot, complete with traffic cops on horses, stop and stop traffic, pedestrians everywhere, and sidewalks lined with tents selling every kind of baseball memorabilia and baseball-appropriate beverages.

I reach for my cellphone to change the rendezvous spot, and oh-oh... No cellphone--I left it at home on the table. Now this is a problem! I consider heading back home to get it, and then decide that I CAN solve this problem. I continue through the stop and stop traffic, past the stadium, deciding I will stop someone on the street and ask to borrow a cellphone. I finally see a right turn and make it, roll down my window and ask the nearest guy if I can borrow his cellphone! He waits while I get out of traffic, turn around, and pull up alongside. A quick call to CA and a new rendevous spot is established.

Thanks, Matt Driscoll, for being kind and lending me your cellphone!

The rest of the story is, our baseball fans stood in line with their general admission tickets for 1-1/2 hours--the second inning--before finally gaining admittance, then they stood for two innings until they found three seats together. They said the stands were packed like sardines in a can, but decidedly worth the hassles! All three were talking about next year and deciding that it would be worth springing for $20 reserved seats.

As for me, I was happy spending this late Spring evening sitting on the front porch with my cellphone, a book, and a bowl of tender white Orville Redenbacher popcorn.

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