23 June 2009


Just read a funny line in a not-so-great novel where the main character says that she stopped journaling about her real life and began writing fiction when she figured out there were fewer slow and boring spots in fiction.

Same is true for blogging. Some days/weeks are just too slow and boring to chronicle. Today I baked cookies and did laundry...

Some of the ordinariness of the past couple of days is due to the fact that it's hot here, and humid. I don't do well in hot and humid. Managed a bike ride last evening and a bit of time reading on the porch, but today's temps probably rule out both activities.

I hugging my a/c and beginning to think it's time to tackle a few of those less-than-thrilling activities and chores that I have on my procrastination list. All in-door activities to be sure.

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