26 June 2009


Buttercups in Maria Alm, Austria
When we were in the Austrian Alps last month there were fields and fields of wildflowers--some of which were dandelions. And then, I was reading a novel about English and French gardens and dandelions were mentioned favorably. I guess not everyone considers dandelions a blight and a nuisance in need of eradication. Still, their roots go deep and they MULTIPLY.

In these fields of yellow wildflowers, an even more predominant plant had a tiny yellow blossom, and although I was curious about what it was I hadn't followed through in identifying it until today. In the same novel, Buttercups were mentioned. Ah-ha! Yep! These sweet little flowers are Buttercups. LG and I picked a few bunches and found small glasses to hold the lovely bouquets.

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