11 June 2009


We drove to Omaha yesterday afternoon, arriving just after 9:00pm--kind of late to see the kiddos. We could have gotten here an hour earlier, but chose to take the Jordan Creek exit just west of Des Moines to have a nice dinner. We have traveled enough lately to have no taste for road/fast food. Jordan Creek mall offers P.F. Chang's, The Cheesecake Factory, and On the Border Mexican. We opted for P.F. Chang's and in less than an hour we were back on the road--happier than ever!

JA woke us up this a.m. and wee little LE was close behind.

We had a fun day with the kiddos. I loved sitting on the porch early this morning giving LE her bottle while a soft breeze drifted through and the birdies were singing in the nearby trees. There are roses blooming and brand new Impatiens lined up and ready to spread. JA kept grandpa busy out back, and then went willingly to bed just after lunch--worn out from his busy morning.

JE, JA, and I take a trip to the grocery store to get what we need to make the new fish taco recipe. CA plans to head to the airport just before 6:00pm to pick up Gigi--she's here until Monday early morning.

While CA and I prepare the tilapia, assemble the mayonesa and avocado sauces, and shred the cabbage, JE and MA put together the new Big Wheel for JA--the surprise CA and I had planned for him this weekend. He gets a 5-minute test drive on the front sidewalk just after his bath. Fortuitously, his daddy put his race car jammies on for tonight.

After we devour and thoroughly enjoy the fish tacos, JE and MA clean up and we spend a quiet evening--those young folks sure go to bed early! Guess that's because the little ones get up before 6:00am. We grandparents and great grandma visit and lounge a bit with our computers and books before heading to bed kind of early, too. We don't want to miss any time with these kiddos, and the sooner we sleep the sooner we get to have some French press coffee. And, if that isn't enough to get you up in the morning then you are clueless!

Tomorrow I have some curtains to hem and hang, and a baby to cuddle. There's also that 2-year old rock star who will be looking for some attention.

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