17 June 2009


The Peonies bloomed today! I am so excited. I was afraid they'd bloom while we were in Omaha last weekend. I think they are my favorite flower--although I am partial to Lily of the Valley and Violets. Oh, and I love Lobelia.

Things are going well.

CA is busy this week with soccer camps and I have home duty--groceries, cleaning, chores, and errands. And, next week I start a long-term job and he will have the duty. This is working out very well. We have found that it works best if one of us is home while the other is working, but by nature contract employment is not predictable.

I will be working in the suburbs--although I prefer Chicago--which means I will be driving 35 miles each way every day. Trying to do the math to see if gas = train ticket... Any way I calculate it, working is better than not working.

While my motivation for working is low, the promised reward is a month in the South of France come January! And, if I play my cards right, that might also mean a week in Paris...

So, I've made the appointments--manicure and haircut--and I will also have to whiten my teeth and touch-up my hair. Oh, the burdens of the marketplace!

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