21 June 2009


c.June 1981

Yep, CA! He's the guy with whom I've shared almost 40 years of married life. He's been a dad for 37 years--e-eek! Are we that old? And, he's been a grandpa for just over 4 years--four times, with #5 due in January 2010.

Without reservation I can say that CA is a remarkable dad.

 He had a great dad, but I truly believe he has excelled beyond the example. CA is demonstratively loving to both JE and DM, and absolutely giddy over his grandchildren. With both kids he shares a love of sports, wine, and travel. He is unstintingly supportive and ready with advice, when asked.

For a number of years when the kids were small he worked and I stayed home, but as soon as he came through the door he was totally invested in whatever was happening or needed doing--play, diapers, baths, dinner, homework, projects, bedtime. Oftentimes, at dinner, CA and I would smile across the table unable to get a word in edgewise with those two overflowing with their own adventures and ideas and complaints.

In the summer, while I worked, CA ferried both kids to friends' houses, ball practice, the lake, and Cubs games. Our kids were fortunate to have a dad who was available a lot in the summer and those shared days resulted in very close bonds.

These days CA is always ready for the trip to Omaha or strategizing over European travel arrangements, because being with his kids and grandkids takes some planning and travel. Amazingly we get to be with both sets a generous amount, but never enough. The little ones are old enough now to ask why and even to suggest that we live closer.

I am blessed to have a husband who is a wonderful father and grandfather, just as he has been the very best husband I could have ever conjured! He's a man who loves God, his parents, children, grandchildren, and ME!

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