19 June 2009


The agency defaulted again, and no job to start on Monday. Bummer. But, I have had my reservations about working with this different agency--there have been inconsistencies in the manager's conversations. Don't want to say that she lies, but at least twice she has given me conflicting stories.

The storm woke me up about 2:30am and then I was wide awake.
My thoughts were fairly troubled thinking about the potential job and the questions I had regarding the veracity of the aforementioned manager. I took comfort in the fact that I could always walk away from a bad situation as the job was open-ended. Getting her call this afternoon was a hit, but one that I will recover from quickly.

My first inclination was to shoot off a bridge-burning email, but I restrained myself and channeled the energy into writing an email to my regular agency and advising them of my ongoing availability. I won't work for the other agency... Ever.

So, another lovely afternoon of reading on the screened porch. The storms have returned and CA is out at soccer camp. Guessing that he will be calling soon to set up our dinner arrangements. They won't be playing in this thunder and lightening.

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