14 June 2009


Great weekend in Omaha, but a long drive home. Longer because just at the Iowa/Illinois state line I-80 was closed, detouring us onto I-280 and bypassing our access to I-88. Probably only cost us 30 minutes, but I-80 is particularly boring. There is not much to see in rural Illinois this time of year (or any time for that matter).

We had a good time cooking together this weekend--fish tacos, pork tenderloin stir-fry, and hamburgers on the grill. CA and I baked an apple crumb pie--actually two pies. YUM! Gigi is the uncontested champion pie baker in this family, but this weekend she bowed to CA's for his pie crust--Martha's pâte brisée.

Back home now for a quiet evening and then CA has soccer camp all day/all week. That includes three camps per day. I will hold down the fort and do the household chores this week.

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