02 June 2009


I am a bit... One of my agencies called today about a very good job opportunity for the months of July-August-September--three months at a top dollar rate... I don't have a firm offer yet, so anything can happen as this particular agency hasn't ever produced a solid job offer for me in over a year.

The kicker is location--not great, not tragic. But, I will have to drive an hour each way every day throughout the summer. It is close to Woodfield Mall and there are many marvelous distractions in that area. CA is excited because summers it's my responsibility to work as his opportunities dry up until fall. And, I do not do well in the sun (hives, burns, and heat exhaustion), so working inside summers is best for me. I will miss the energy of the big city, if this pans out.

I have planned on getting Merci Beaucoup up and running this month, and not beginning an assignment until July would give me ample time. I could easily trust CA to bake cookies when necessary, I can complete the packaging in the evenings, and he can handle the shipping. I just have to get moving and complete the web-site, send out more samples, renew some client relationships, and commit to the kick-off...

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